The effects of pool chlorine on the hair pictures


We love to swim, and many of us are no where near open water, such as lakes or the ocean. And sometimes we want to swim when the weather is not so nice out. In these situations, we must resort to pool swimming. While this is not all bad, pool water has chlorine added to it as a way to to keep the pool clean and free of bacteria. Chlorine can sting the eyes, which doesn’t really harm us. However, there are many other things that chlorine does to us that is much worse. To begin with, chlorine can dry out your hair. Hair absorbs chlorine which then strips all of the natural lubricant out of it. Too much chlorine in the hair can cause split ends and breakage. Rinsing your hair with clean water before hopping in the pool can help with this. Chlorine can also dry out your skin, making it tight and itchy. Again, this is caused by the stripping of the skin’s natural oils. If you have eczema, chlorine can make it much worse. Putting on oils or lotions before your dip will help. Also, after swimming, a good shower will lower your risks of these effects. Make sure to keep hydrated as well. Sometimes chlorine can turn your hair green, or at least give it a green tint. This is most common in blondes. There are shampoos on the market that will help with this problem. Take a good shower to rinse off before getting into a pool, and enjoy your swim without worrying about any of these issues.

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