Taking a break while you read could help your memory pictures


Many times when we read, be it for pleasure, work, or school, we tend to forget aspects of the reading. Sometimes what we forget can be crucial pieces. So what do we do to remember what we read better? Many studies have been done on this question, and the answer is simple. Psychologists have learned that when people take a break after reading or learning something new, their memories improve. In fact, when people take a break after reading, they find it much easier to recall the information than those who went straight to another task. Many believe that the break gives the brain a chance to consolidate what you just read, making it easier to remember. People who read while on trains, subways, or buses tend to have better memories of what they read because they constantly stop reading to look around and such. In order to improve your memory, all you need is a ten minute break. Researchers found that after 7 days, those who took a ten minute break could still remember a story. One of the many pleasures of reading it taking the time to let it sink in, and now we see that this may also help us improve our memories. This is a great tip for students who struggle with studying. So go grab a good book, and take an occasional break while reading. You will improve your memory.

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