Short hair or long? Let your face decide pictures


Hair length is something that some of us pay no attention to; we simply have a comfort zone and keep it at that. However, in order to have a hairstyle that will flatter you, you must look at the shape of your faceround, oval, heart, long, or squareand determine the best cut for you. The biggest thing to remember is not to highlight your problem areas. If your face is long, you should keep your hair short. Long hair will make your face look even longer. However, a great layered cut will allow you to pull this off. Another great option is some waves.? If you have a more round face, stay away from short, curly hair. Texture such as curls or choppy ends are great for those with a square face. Most haircuts look great on those with an oval faces. A pointy chin is typical in someone with a heart-shaped face, so you should find a cut that will draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes. A short cut looks great on most people. However, if you have really curly hair, or a round face, stay away from this style. A nice sideswept bang can help if you have a large forehead, and/or a long face. Bangs can also help you look a little younger, and bring attention to your eyes. If you have curly hair, you should stay away from bangs. Whatever your face shape, there is a good cut out there for you. While these are just a few basic ideas and tips, talk to your stylist or do a bit of web browsing to decide what the best haircut for you may be. You too can look fantastic!

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