The key to staying young: Is it physical activity? pictures


There are many downsides to aging. These can include chronic diseases, memory loss, gaining extra pounds, or even diminished mobility. However, much research has been done that shows exercise can help prevent some of these signs that you are aging. Our bodies contain telomeres, which are regions of DNA on the ends of chromosomes that can erode and age you quickly. Those who are more active have longer telomeres, making aging a much slower process in those who exercise on a regular basis. Exercise can also prevent the brain from aging by improving mental functions, which can include learning, abstract reasoning, and the ability to recall things from memory. Exercise also has a correlation with preventing or delaying Alzheimer’s and dementia. There are other things that you can do to prolong your life, such as eating healthy, taking vitamins, and practicing safety when in the sun. Exercise is not only good for helping the brain and blood cells, but strong muscles will take longer to deteriorate, making mobility much easier at an older age. So go out there and spend some time exercising. You will not regret it when you still look 60 at 80!

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