The benefits of massage with clay pictures


There are many different types of clay on this Earth, and they all come from volcanic ash. However, only smectite clay is used for health purposes. The best clay for cleansing, detox, or any health use is calcium bentonite clay. This clay works great for tightening, exfoliating, and softening your skin. Clay massages can help circulate your blood, deep-clean pores, and tone your muscles. Clay massage can help rid your body of those unsightly and sometimes painful varicose and spider veins. This works by detoxifying the blood and increasing the flexibility and strength of the vein walls, which in turn improves circulation. Another benefit of clay is easy removal of warts. Clay helps remove warts because bacteria, viruses, and metals, all which cause warts, are drawn to the clay like a magnet. When the clay is washed off of the skin, these particles are washed off with it. Clay can even be ingested to help detoxify your system, as well as boost your immune system. And yes, this is safe. Taking a nice clay bath works wonders on your body for pulling out impurities and cleaning your skin, as well as stimulating the lymphatic system, which helps the blood flow more freely. Clay massage is also great for dulling the pain from joint and muscle pains. Clay is a great product for nearly anyone, helping clean the system and improve blood flow. There is no harm in trying it, and in the end it can only benefit you. Give it a shot.

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