The benefits of music therapy pictures


Music therapy comes in many different forms, and has many different uses. Some of the forms of music therapy includes creating, listening, and talking about music. Many times a music therapist will set a goal for their sessions, and these can vary by person. Some of these include lowering stress and anxiety, mood improvement, and helping the quality of life for those who are ill. Depression can be helped with music therapy, doing activities such as signing or painting to the music. Lowering stress, especially during pregnancy, is another great effect that comes from this type of therapy. Even those with coronary disease, high blood pressure or heart rate, and pain can be can be relieved of symptoms. One of the best ways to use music therapy is for children with autism because it helps to improve their communication skills. Lastly, cancer patients can benefit from music therapy to reduce anxiety caused by their radiation treatments, or even help with the nausea or vomiting that chemo can cause in patients. Many therapists, as well as many hospitals, are now using music therapy for a large variety of diseases, illnesses, and simply a way to help calm and relax their patients. Slower breathing, heart rate, and simply your overall health are some great effects that come from music therapy. There really is not a lot that this type of therapy cannot help improve in people’s lives.

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