The benefits of swimming pictures


If you are looking for an exercise that will work your full body, including your mind, swimming is just that exercise. Swimming is great for pregnant women and the elderly. People with any type of arthritis will benefit from swimming, as well as those with asthma that is exercise-induced. It is also put minimal stress on the body. Swimming only 30 minutes per day will help you lose weight. This exercise is very aerobic, allowing your heart rate to rise just enough to get you breathing hard. Swimming will help you burn up to 900 calories an hour. Swimming will help you tone your muscles by giving you almost 12 times as much resistance as other exercises. You also get both an upper and lower workout at the same time. This is a great workout for those with injuries or joint problems because it is low impact. Lastly, because swimming requires you to breath deeply, it help with the circulation in your body. And, because you are working your lungs and heart, your are helping to promote blood pressure levels that are healthy. Swimming is also great for those who are overweight and struggle with doing other exercises and activities. Swimming also helps to relax the mind. There is no reason why you can’t go swim regularly and get a great exercise routine in. And if you are lucky, you can go to an outdoor pool and enjoy the sunshine while you are at it.

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