Mouth ulcers: What are the causes? pictures


Many people will experience mouth ulcers during their lifetime, and there are many things that can cause these painful sores. Some of these can include infection, trauma, or inflammation. This swelling and redness is caused by the pathogens (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that inflame the mouth lining. These usually occur inside the mouth, but can also show up on the lips or tongue. Some causes of these ulcers include cancer, hormonal changes, or allergic reactions. Most of us have had canker sores, but these are not contagious, but instead are small and shallow lesions. Another big cause of these ulcers can include dentures that do not fit properly. Any trauma to the mouth can cause these ulcers. Other causes can include spicy or hot foods, smoking, and chewing tobacco. Some medications, as well as chemotherapy, can create these ulcers. Deficiencies in vitamins or minerals are other common causes. You should talk to a doctor if you get a high fever, above 101 degrees Fahrenheit, difficulty swallowing, or difficulty breathing. Other causes include emotional stress, substance abuse, Crohn’s disease, and a fungal infection. Not getting treatment can cause serious problems such as serious infections, tooth loss, or spread of these serious infections. With so many causes of mouth ulcers, it can be pretty easy to determine what causes them. Knowing what the cause is will help you determine what type of treatment you will need.

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