Is salt bad for high blood pressure? pictures


Many of us love salt and use it often. In fact, salt is good for you. Our kidneys help us control the salt level in our bodies, and we pass extras out in our urine. However, if our intake is much too high, our kidneys cannot handle it. This causes the excess to go to our bloodstream. The problem is that salt attracts water, and too much salt and water in the bloodstream means that your blood volume will cause your blood pressure to raise. For some people, just a little too much salt can effect their blood pressure, as they have a salt sensitivity. About half of the population have this problem. To be healthy, about 500 milligrams of salt is good. Most people, however, intake 10X that amount! For those with high blood pressure, no more than 1500 milligrams should be the limit. Most of us get a ton of salt from processed foods, about 80% of our daily total. A great way to eliminate excess salt is to stick with natural foods, and limit table salts on our foods. Foods such as condiments, ham and bacon, pickles, olives, and nearly all canned and processed foods are high in salt, and should be avoided. Check labels, and anything over 100 milligrams of salt per serving should be avoided. Most things are ok in moderation, but too much salt is bad for your blood pressure. Avoid too much salt, and keep your blood pressure down. This will help you keep a healthy life.

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