The laser that cures skin blemishes pictures


There are many skin blemishes that are unsightly that we want to get rid of. Well, now there is help. Using a laser to remove these blemishes is effective, safe, and requires little recovery time. Some of the skin blemishes that can be removed using laser treatment include: skin tags, stretch marks, birthmarks, warts, moles, and acne. There are no incisions or surgical procedures required to get rid of these. This laser technology involves targeting certain cells under specific layers of skin. This non-surgical procedure is one of the most popular in the United States. There are many types of lasers used, and which will be used will depend on what type of blemish you want gone. Moles, acne scars, and warts all are removed using a carbon dioxide laser, and are also effective in removing wrinkles and fine lines. This procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis, and uses a local anesthetic that includes a sedative. Treatments take anywhere from a couple minutes to an hour, also depending on what type of blemish is being removed. There may be some discomfort after the procedure, as well as some swelling and redness. However, routine activities can usually be resumed after a few days or weeks. If you have ugly blemishes on the your skin that you want to get rid of, think about laser blemish removal to help increase your self-esteem.

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