Metal allergies pictures


People love jewelery, and body piercing has become a huge hit in today’s society. The issue is that many people are allergic to metals, about one in four women, and nickel is the most common one that causes allergies. Many times when we wear gold jewelry, be it earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, there are a few symptoms that can occur. Some of these can include dry or itchy skin, swollen areas, or red skin. Even if you are wearing gold, it still contains this nickel; however, 24K pure gold rarely causes this allergic reaction. Titanium and platinum also typically do not create reactions. If you have these allergic reactions, and stay away from jewelry, there is still a chance of a reaction. This is because nickel is everywhere around us, from our soil to our water, and even in our air. There are some foods that are extremely high in metal. These can include wheat, tea, chocolate, and most canned foods. Nickel is also found in detergents and some makeup, and a reaction can occur. If you have these reactions, even cooking in stainless steel pans and pots can cause a flare-up. Many dental products can contain these metals, and reactions are rare, but do occur. With so many people allergic to metals in jewelry, there are many other things that can cause these flare-ups. Staying away from them will protect you and your skin from these issues.

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