Social networks and their impact on health pictures


Social networks such as Facebook, Hotmail, and Gmail are huge in today’s society, and many people use these sites on a daily basis. We have all see the Facebook login page, the Hotmail sign-in, and the Gmail sign-up page, and many of us have done so on each. These sites all can have great health and social benefits, but also can have health and social disadvantages. Some of the great benefits of these sites, and Facebook especially, is that we can build and sustain great relationships, even with those who are far away from us. There is also a great chance for community engagement, and with elections coming up soon, this is especially true for political discussions. However, these sites can also have negative effects of us. These can include harassment and cyber-bullying, which then leads to?isolation and?anxiety. It’s hard to believe that Hotmail, Gmail, and Facebook can cause these issues, but it is true.

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