Your computer could be causing insomnia pictures


Sometimes people have trouble sleeping. Often, this is due to stress, worries about life, and depression. More recently, doctors are seeing this phenomenon more often, and they are seeing the computer as a primary cause of this insomnia. Doctors have determined that the computer causes our brain to be stimulated, and, especially close to bedtime, this can cause us to have problems falling asleep. Many times late at night, people will browse Facebook and Google, and check their email from places such as Gmail and Yahoo mail. These social networking sites are notorious for causing insomnia. Often, we don’t even realize how long we have been surfing. 3 hours can go by so quick. Next thing we know it’s 2 a.m., we have to be up at 6 a.m., and now that we lay down for bed, falling asleep can be nearly impossible. So how do we prevent this from happening so that we can get a good night’s sleep? There are many tips that can help. This includes regular exercise, staying away from caffeine during the afternoons, and in stress-relieving activities such as yoga. Another great idea is to keep a regular sleep schedule, including what time you will go to bed, and what time you wake up. It is especially important if using this method to keep the same schedule during the weekends. And lastly, turn off the computer at a specific time. It is ok to stay away from Facebook until you get up in the morning. So go get a good sleep and take a break from social networking. Your friends will be there in the morning.

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