How to make a scrub at home for your skin? pictures


If you are in need of a clean face and need to clear up your complexion, a good face scrub is just what you need. A face scrub?will help you to remove your top layer of skin, which will get rid of all of the dead skin cells, encouraging your face to produce healthy, new skin cells. The best part of this is that a good facial scrub can be made with ingredients that you probably have right in your kitchen. These scrubs are easy to use, include no additives or harsh chemicals, and you know what exactly is in your scrub. These scrubs will also save you money. One great item is sugar because it melts easily, which means that you don’t have to worry about over-scrubbing. Brown sugar mixed with a little honey also works well. Salt is another great ingredient. Combine it with honey, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. This is great because you can adjust the mixture to make a great scent, or even add chocolate or coffee instead of cocoa. You can also just mix sea salts with water for a much simpler recipe. Lastly we will talk about oatmeal, which is an ideal ingredient because it does not dry the skin, yet leaves it nice and smooth. Oatmeal will also get the oils out of the pores. Simply mix the oatmeal with water and honey, and mix in a blender. These easy and simple recipes are cheap to make, and easy to use. Give yourself a great smooth face today, save yourself some money, and pamper yourself at home.

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