How to quit smoking? pictures


We all know that smoking is a terrible, unhealthy, and expensive habit to have. But for smokers, quitting is a lot harder than many people think, but not impossible. There are some things that you can do to increase your chances of quitting smoking for good. Start by making a list of the positives and negatives of smoking. When your negative side outweighs the positive, it is time to quit. Setting a quit date is a great way to make a contract with yourself to quit, and give you some time to determine how you are going to cope with quitting. Make a list of things you will do when the cravings hit. These can? include things such as walking, chewing gum, playing with your dog, or getting a cup of tea or coffee. When the time comes to quit, get rid of any paraphernalia that might remind you of smoking: lighters, empty packs, and/or ashtrays. If you are used to taking a smoke break at work, find something else to do on break, such as a game of solitaire, or a short walk. Trying carrying gum, a flavored toothpick, or some shelled-in nuts. When a craving hits, these will allow you have the same motions that you would if you were to have a smoke. Think of other challenges that you have overcome in your life; this will help you see that you can overcome this. Do not beat yourself up if you start again. It is common to try many times, sometimes up to eight, before it sticks. The last great tip I will give is to stay away from other smokers when they are smoking. Being around them will make you want to smoke. Let your friends/family know that you are quitting so they will understand. You can stop smoking, and following these tips will help.

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