How to fight mite allergies? pictures


Most of us have heard of dust mite allergies; however, the actual allergy is not from the mites themselves, but is actually from the allergen. The worst part is the allergen is caused by the dried feces and body parts from dead mites. Pretty gross. Part of the problem that we see when trying to prevent this allergy is that mites exist nearly everywhere on Earth; there are few small places where they are not, such as the North Pole. This means that you more than likely have mites in your home. If you are one of the millions that have an allergy to these mites, there is some hope. One of the best ways to help is to cover your mattress, box spring, and pillows with zippered covers. This helps because most the mites live in your bedding, and burrow to find the moisture and skin cells for food. Cutting off their food and water will help a ton. Washing your other bedding on a? regular basis in hot water will also help. Lowering the amount of humidity in your home will keep the mites out of your house as well. Dusting and vacuuming often will also help. There are even treatments for your floors made to kill these mites. A vacuum with a good HEPA filter system is preferred and will do a great job. There are many things that can help lower the number of mites in your home, which will reduce your chances of suffering from the awful symptoms of dust mite allergies. Do not wake up to a runny or stuffy nose, or watery eyes anymore. Treat your home today!

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