How phosphorus can improve your memory? pictures


Phosphate is an element that we need in our body. Phosphorus is essential to the growth of our teeth and bones, as well as helping our brain function right. It is key to the development of vitamin B, all types which are important to our nervous system. Also, our brain functions require lots of energy. Our brain cells store and transmit energy. This energy is transmitted in the form of ATP, which is a molecule that contains phosphorus in its structure. The connection between our memories and phosphorus is these brain cells. Having too much or not enough phosphorus in your diet, and in turn your body, can create both long term and short term memory issues. However, there are ways to fix these issues. Eating foods high in phosphorus can help, and there are many choices available to you. Foods that contain phosphorus include: bran and whole wheat mixes, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, and cashews are good sources), legumes, organic peanut butter, broccoli, corn, garlic, sunflower seeds, turkey, and chicken. If you have noticed that your memory has not been working well, or has decreased in its efficiency, talk to a doctor and see if you are low on phosphorus in your body. If so, the fix is easy and simple.

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