How to dye your hair naturally? pictures


Dying your hair usually requires you to use commercial products, which tend to be full of nasty chemicals. These chemicals can be harsh on both your scalp and your hair. The good news is that there are many inexpensive, safe, and natural alternatives. One of the most used herbal dyes, especially among blondes, is chamomile. A weekly chamomile rinse will help you get rid of brown streaks caused by the sun, as well as help brighten blonde hair. A lemon rinse will also help lighten the hair, and after a good rinse, drying it in the sun will boost the power of the lemon. If you want great honey-colored tones, try using rhubarb roots. Auburn tints can come from powered henna shrubs. This method has been around for thousands of year. A good way to deepen the color in dark hair, as well as cover grays, is to use sage; tag alder bark also will help with this. If you want a sable color to your hair, try using walnut hulls. But beware as these can stain everything they touch. Anytime you are using a new dye on your hair, don’t forget to do a small test. One way to do this is to cut a small amount of your hair and dye it. This is one area in which surprises are not good. A good internet search will give you recipes and tips for these dyes. So go out there and find the color you want without the harsh chemicals.

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