What are the effects of ginseng? pictures


If you are looking for an herb that has been around for thousands of years and will help you improve your overall health, the ginseng root is just that herb. This is one herb that you can safely take with few side effects, and it has many benefits for your body and health. One of the most popular uses of ginseng is its ability to help the body restore itself. Ginseng is great for those recovering from illnesses, and gives us an overall sense of well-being. It also helps give you stamina. One great thing that ginseng does for us is to help improve our mental and physical performance. There are many ailments which ginseng can help with. These include hepatitis C, symptoms of menopause, and even erectile dysfunction. Need to regulate your blood pressure or lower your blood glucose levels? Ginseng can help with that too. Taking ginseng during high stress times in your life will lower these stress levels. Preventing infections, lowering cholesterol, and simply increasing your energy and endurance are other great benefits of this root. Stay away from ginseng when you are pregnant or breastfeeding because it creates estrogen. Some side effects of ginseng include insomnia, vomiting, anxiety, headaches, and nosebleeds. There are different types and strengths of ginseng available on the market today, so talk to your doctor about which you should take to improve your health.

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