What are some causes of headaches? pictures


We have all had a headache during our lifetime, and know how much they hurt and, at times, can incapacitate us completely. Sometimes taking a nap or an aspirin can help. And most of the time, these are not serious; however, other times they can result from serious conditions requiring you to see a doctor right away. One type of headache that people experience are called primary headaches. These result from a dysfunction or the over-activity of the pain-sensitive features in the head. These typically are not a sign of something more serious, but simply are can be caused by sore muscles or chemical activity in the brain. There is are also genes that some people carry that make these much more common. Things that can trigger these headaches include alcohol, some foods, stress, lack of sleep, or missed meals. These include migraines or chronic headaches. Secondary headaches are signs of something more serious, and are symptoms of diseases that activate those pain-sensitive nerves. Some of these underlying causes include blood clots, aneurysms in the brain, tumors, a concussion, hangovers, the flu, or a stroke. Types of secondary headaches include a brain freeze, sinus headaches, or external compression headaches caused by headgear that is too tight. Having a headache is no fun, but knowing when you should see a doctor and when it is no big deal is important. Pay attention to how often these come about, and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

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