What is the correct position when sitting in front of a computer? pictures


In today’s job market, very often we find ourselves sitting in front of a computer. However, this activity can cause all kinds of body issues, such as sore muscles, joints, and most often backaches. There is hope though. If you sit in the right and proper position, you can help to lower some of the strain and stress on your body, which is most important on long days. This position includes keeping your forearms, hands, and wrists straight and parallel with the floor. Remember to keep your head and torso in line and balanced. Relax your shoulders, and let your upper arms hang naturally at the side of the body. Your elbows should be close to the body and kept at a 90-120 degree angle. Keep the feet supported fully, using either a footrest or the floor, and placed slightly forward. Keep the knees at the same height as the hips, which should be well supported and parallel. Finding a good lumbar support will help with the back. It is essential to not stay in the same position all day; get up and walk around often, or simply make small adjustments throughout the day. This can include stretching the body as well. Following these tips will help your body to feel better after those long days. It is also important to? keep good posture all day, as well as to take small breaks on occasion. Enjoy your day at work, and be able to enjoy your evening with less pain.

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