Does sneezing reset your nasal system? pictures


A new study says yes, this may be true. When we sneeze, we are trying to get rid of irritants in the nose. Here’s how it works. When we breathe in, oftentimes foreign particles also enter the nasal passageway. When this happens, the sensors in our nose signal the hairs in the nose (the cilia) which move to expel the objectí¬sneeze. However, researchers have found that that the burst of air that is produced by sneezing does more than clear the nasal passages: is also causes the cilia to work much harderí¬kick into gearí¬for a longer period of time. This conclusion was come to when researchers noticed that those with sinusitis and disorders such as cystic fibrosis were struggling with getting rid of the excess mucus created, even though they sneezed a lot. When tested and examined under a microscope, doctors found out that those with these problems may not get the same cellular response as healthy individuals. Some says that chronic inflammation or toxins from bacteria prevent the cilia from functioning properly. Scientists are still trying to turn this discovery into a treatment for those who suffer from these disorders. However, knowing is half that battle and maybe soon there will be new treatments based off of this information.

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