Does sunbathing protect against pancreatic cancer? pictures


A study was recently conducted that claims sunbathing can be up to 50% effective at lowering the chances of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The study found that there are some factors that can determine whether or not someone will get pancreatic cancer. These include where the person was born,? how sensitive they are to the sun, and any history of skin cancer. This is one of the worst types of cancer, is very deadly, and has a very low survival rate. Oftentimes less than one person a year will survive from it, and about 40,000 cases are diagnosed in the US each year. People who were born and live in areas with more sunlight were found to have about a 24% lower risk of pancreatic cancer than those who lived in areas with less sunlight. One interesting statistic that was found was that those who have more sun-sensitive skin had a 50% lower chance of pancreatic cancer. Some say that these findings are due to the Vitamin D that we get from the sun, but others think that there is something else at play as well. However, these results are not conclusive and one should talk to their doctor before making any lifestyle changes such as sunbathing more or changing your Vitamin D intake. These results are fascinating and these researchers may be onto something. Maybe more studies will give us a good answer, but at present, there does appear to be a relationship there between the sun and lower risks of pancreatic cancer.

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