What are the symptoms of depression? pictures


Many of us get depressed on occasion: lose our jobs, someone close to us dies, or bills are piled up. This is typical. However, when these types of feelings last for a long time, that is when you should see a doctor because you may have clinical depression. If we let these symptoms go on too long, they can last years, and the suffering may even lead to suicide. Some depression symptoms that can trigger seeking help can include things such as difficulty concentrating, having trouble making decisions, or problems remembering details and information. Low energy levels and fatigue can be signs of depression. Helpless, guilt, or worthless feelings could be an issue. Sleep problems could be signs of depression, including insomnia and excessive sleeping. Losing interest in things you used to enjoy, such as activities, hobbies, and even sex can be a bad sign. Overeating or loss of appetite can be symptoms; also persistent aches or pains, cramps, digestive problems and headaches. Other signs include persistent feelings of emptiness, anxiety, or sadness. Any thoughts or attempts at suicide should are huge warning signs of depression. If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms, talk to a doctor right away and get treatment. There is help available.

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