What are the risks of premature birth? pictures


A baby that is born between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy is full-term, and typically will be a healthy, bouncy baby. Any baby born before this time is considered premature. These premature babies are high risk for many health complications. RDS, or respiratory distress syndrome, is common among premature babies. This is a breathing problem in which a protein that keep our lungs from collapsing is missing. Many premature babies have apnea, which is where they can stop breathing for 20 seconds or more. This is also commonly associated with a slow heart rate. Bleeding in the brain occurs in some of these babies; however, these are commonly mild and will clear up itself and have few lasting effects. Jaundice is something that happens with many babies, but is more common in premature babies. This is caused by immature liver growth, which means that it cannot remove bilirubin, a waste product in the blood. Jaundice babies typically have a yellow tint in the skin and eyes, and it is typically not harmful. However, if this waste product gets too high, it can cause brain damage. Low red blood cells, or anemia, is common in premature babies.? This can cause slow growth and feeding problems. In order to make sure that you have a healthy, full-term baby, it is essential to stay healthy and have good habits during your pregnancy. Stay away from alcohol and smoking, and keep up with your exercise and vitamins. Enjoy your new baby, and make sure that they are healthy and fun!

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