What are the properties of flour Kamut? pictures


If you are looking for a good wheat flour, then Kamut flour is for you. This flour is all natural, and the grain used is hearty and pest-resistant. One of the great things about this flour is that is contains about 40% more protein than other wheat flours, and it also has a higher lipid to carbohydrate ratio, making it more filling and satisfying. It has a much sweeter taste as well, and is less starchy and dry. Another great thing about Kamut flour is that it is great for people with wheat sensitivities or allergies. The best thing about this flour is that it can be substituted in any recipe requiring wheat flour, making your old recipes healthier to make by giving you more protein and amino acids, and increasing your lipid content. You typically will not find this product in supermarkets; it is commonly sold at natural foods stores and specialty shops. Also, it is not cheap because it is considered a specialty grain. A pound of Kamut flour usually costs between $3 and $4 per pound. However, this cost can be well worth it. You will have healthier recipes and a great flavor. Doing a 50/50 split between Kamut and traditional wheat flour will help you save money and make your diet a bit healthier. Anything is better than nothing, and you will still get more protein and vitamins into your system. Bakers have raved about this flour, and if you bake a lot, think about trying out Kamut flour and getting more nutrients into your body now!

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