Watercress helps athletes train better pictures


Watercress is a plant that I had never heard of, but eating just a small amount of this plant will help you to raise the level of antioxidants that are key to preventing damage in the body that is caused by exercise. This plant is one of the most ancient greens on the planet, and was grown by the father of modern medicine. This plant is a member of the mustard family, and there are many ways to eat it.? While exercise is great for the body and mind, oftentimes people forget that exercise is also hard on the body. Our muscles wear, and sometimes tear, but eating a diet that is rich in nutrients will help your body to heal while still letting you train. In a study that was conducted, it was shown that people who ate a small amount of watercress saw a difference just two hours after intake. This is one nutrient that does not have to build up in the body in order to help, but it shows up and starts helping you nearly instantly. A few of the ways to intake this healthy plant include adding it to a salad; using it as a garnish for pizza, sandwiches, or wraps; blending it in a smoothie; or adding it to whole grain pastas or rice. If you work out a lot, are an athlete, or simply want to help your body heal from daily activity, talk to your doctor about adding this great plant to your diet. You will notice a difference in a very little amount of time. Enjoy!

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