What are the causes of dandruff? pictures


Most of us know what dandruff is, and what a pain it can cause. It makes us itch, but worse it can get on our clothes and simply be embarrassing. Wearing black when you have dandruff is always a no-no. But do we really know what causes it? There are many causes of dandruff, and the best part is that there are treatments available to help. One of the main causes of dandruff is simply dry skin; this is common during the winter. The flakes caused by dry skin are typically smaller and less oily that those that comes from other causes. Irritated and oily skin is another common cause, and is diagnosed by red, greasy skin which is covered by yellow or white flakes. Sometimes simply not washing your hair often enough can cause dandruff. This is because skin cells and oils can build up on your scalp when you do not wash. Often, eczema can be the culprit. Eczema anywhere on the body can also mean dandruff on the scalp. Another skin disorder that could cause this is psoriasis. While this is more common on elbows, knees, and the trunk, it can occur on the scalp as well. There are a few good treatments out there for your dandruff, including special medicated shampoos. Sometimes, treating dandruff takes some time and patience. However, you do not have to let dandruff ruin your life. You can take a stand and help your self-confidence in little time.

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