Chocolate and Pimples: Is there a link? pictures


Most everyone has had acne or pimples in their life, and many say that eating dark chocolate can make pimples worse. Take note these triggers can vary from person to person, and chocolate may not increase acne in everyone. But why does this delicious snack create these problems? Well, chocolate is high in both sugar and fat. Pimples are caused by clogged pores and oils that bacteria feed off of. Hormones and inflammation can also cause acne issues. Since chocolate is full of sugar and fats, these can increase the levels of insulin in your body, which increase inflammation, causing acne.? If this is one issue that you have, the solution is simple: stop eating chocolate. There are other foods that can also increase acne, so taking chocolate alone out of your diet may not work. These other foods can include dairy, meat, and any allergy-causing foods. Keeping a food and acne journal will help you determine what foods are increasing your acne, as well as help you alter your diet accordingly. Chocolate also contains many of these ingredients, such as sugar, caffeine, and milk. These foods can clog pores, which we know is what causes acne. If acne is a problem for you, you can change your diet and try to improve this problem. Talk to your doctor if you think this will help, and before changing your diet or trying a new regime.

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