Black raspberries can help fight colon and esophageal cancers pictures


As little as a cup of black raspberries each day can help keep esophageal and colon cancer away, and could also inhibit any precancerous growths from expanding. A study was recently done on rats. One set of rats was injected with NMBA, which is a group of chemicals that have been linked to cancer and is found in bacon, tobacco products, and beer. Those rats that were fed black raspberries showed between a 39-49% lower rate of tumors. One reason that these berries may help to prevent cancer is that they are full of many anti-carcinogenics, vitamins, and minerals. These berries are also high in ellagic acid, which is a nutrient found in plants that has been shown to protect against cancer. However, this acid has not been shown to help with lung cancer. This could be because the nutrients may not absorb into the blood stream in order for them to be delivered into the lungs, at least not at high enough levels. However, it is believed that these berries help with colon and esophageal cancers because they are absorbed by these organs when they travel through the digestive system. If cancer has shown its head in your family, or you simply want to protect yourself as much as possible, think about getting some black raspberries to eat and enjoy them. These small berries could help your life in a big way.

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