What type of technology is used in the latest pregnancy tests? pictures


Women, whether striving to get pregnant or not, want to know as soon as possible if they really are pregnant. Some women can just feel it in the gut, while others will go months without knowing. There are many home pregnancy tests out on the market today, and versions of these have been around for centuries, even during ancient Egyptian times. Egyptian women would urinate on barley seeds, and if they grew, the women were said to be pregnant. Research has shown that this test is accurate 70% of the time. In society today, many women now use digital pregnancy tests. These are simple to use, as all you have to do is dip it in your urine sample, for just a few moments. Then all you have to do is wait. If there is a line, typically that means you are pregnant. If there is no line, you are probably not pregnant. These tests work by analyzing the amount of hCG in the urine, which doubles 24 hours after the fertilized egg is implanted onto the uterus. Today’s tests are 5X more sensitive then the first tests of these type. These types of tests will let a woman know within a day or two of the implant, less time than it takes a woman to miss a period. Make sure to keep in mind that these tests are never 100% accurate. Knowing about your pregnancy early can help you take control of your pregnancy and begin creating your happy, healthy family.

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