What are the symptoms of heat stroke? pictures


Heat injuries are potentially dangerous, and a heat stroke is the worst of them all. A heat stroke can at worst cause death or damage to the brain and internal organs. Heat stroke typically occurs in older people, those over 50, but also tends to show up in many young and healthy athletes. This is caused by prolonged exposure to heat and high temperatures. It is usually also accompanied by dehydration. These two things often lead the body’s temperature controls system to fail. Any internal body temperature above 105 is the medical definition of a heat stroke. This is the main symptom of a heat stroke. The first sign of this, however, is usually fainting. Others include a throbbing headache; dizziness; lack of sweating; hot, dry, and red skin; nausea; rapid heartbeat; or seizures. If you think that someone has had a heat stroke, call relief?immediately because this can be fatal. While waiting, move them to a cool or air conditioned environment. Next you want to take off any clothing that they do not need. Other options for cooling off the body include fanning air over them while wetting their skin; applying ice packs to the armpits, neck, groin, and back; and immersing the person in either a shower, tub, or ice bath. Knowing these symptoms can help you to spot a heat stroke and possibly save a life.

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