What is somatization and when does it happen? pictures


Somatization is a mental disorder and is a chronic condition. It is defined as a person having physical symptoms in various parts of the body, but where no physical cause is found. Know that these symptoms and pains are real, not fake or created. This disorder typically happens before the age of 30, and is more common in women than men. It is also more common in people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and those with chronic pain. In the past, many people that this disorder was related to emotional stress, and was oftentimes dismissed as being all in the patient’s head. However, these patients suffer pain that increases the pain, meaning that worry and pain make it worse. This is a vicious cycle for those who suffer from this disorder. Those who have suffered from sexual or physical abuse are more likely to suffer from this disorder. Researchers have found that there is a connection between our emotional health and how we perceive not only pain, but other symptoms as well. Many times, these patients will complain about chronic pain in the nervous system, the digestive system, and the reproductive system. One of the worst parts is that stress makes the symptoms worse. So if you have symptoms that you have no idea what they are from, talk to your doctor and see if you have somatization. There is treatment out there and you do not have to suffer alone.

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