What are the best swimming strokes to tone the buttocks? pictures


Many people know that swimming and water resistant workouts are some of the best and most complete to help us gain and keep a great body. There are two great ways to help you focus on your butt, and tone it up. The first one is a good breast stroke. This is done by facing down in the pool, holding your legs together tightly, bending, and bringing them up towards the chest. The arms should make the same actions, while keeping the hands flat together. Next you kick your legs out to the side, bring them together again, and do a good and forceful kick. Then make your body straight, keeping the legs and feet pointed. Extend the arms while keeping the hands together. Briefly glide, take the hands apart and make a circle coming back to the chest, and use this motion to come up and take a breath. This will help you tone your butt by making strong, quick, and forceful kicks. Another great way to help tone your bottom is to tread water. Start by cupping your hands, palms down, under the water, and moving your arms back and forth like a figure-eight. Then pedal your legs like you are riding a bike, or you can move them like an egg beater. This motion will help tone the butt. Another great option is to use a kick board which will help you strictly focus on the legs and butt. If you are not an experienced swimmer, find an exercise that does not involve water, or have a trainer help you. Stay safe, have fun, and get a great butt in no time!

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