What beverages stain your teeth? pictures


Many of us want to keep our teeth and smile pearly white. We know that we should brush and floss daily, and see a dentist on a regular basis. Avoiding chewing tobacco and smoking will help. However, did you know that there are some foods and beverages that can cause stains on the teeth. One good rule of thumb is that if you worry about stains on a tablecloth, you should worry about stains on your teeth. These include intensely and dark colored foods and beverages. Foods that are high in acid are also bad for your teeth and smile because they erode your enamel. One of the worst drinks for your teeth is red wine. Tea, specifically black tea, also is full of stain promoting compounds. Sodas and carbonated drinks are also bad for teeth; not only do they stain, but they also are very acidic. Berries, from blue to black to cran, are known for causing stains on the teeth. There are some things that you can do to still eat and drink the things you want, yet protect your teeth. These include using a straw, swallowing quickly, and swishing your mouth with water. Also remember to brush at least once a day. Keeping a healthy smile is possible, and you don’t have to get rid of the great foods that you love, many of which are good for you. So go out there and enjoy those things, and keep your mouth looking great!

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