When should you use Lavender Intimate? pictures


Shaving is something that most of us do. And for women, the summer months require us to shave our legs and armpits much more often. This tends to be an issue for some, especially when we have sensitive skin. We tend to get razor burn, nicks, and cuts; not so attractive. Using a shaving cream or gel will help protect the skin from these issues, and Lavender Intimate is always a great choice. Using a shaving aid will prevent many of the nicks, cuts, and razor bumps that you may see after shaving, and will make the entire process much easier. This works by soothing the skin, and keeping it moist, preventing friction of the razor on the skin. On top of lubricating and protecting the skin, leaving Lavender Intimate on the skin for a few minutes before shaving will actually soften the hair, helping save not only your skin, but also making the razor itself last much longer. This also helps the hair straighten up, which will give you a cleaner and closer shave. In order to get a soft, smooth, and clean shave, use a good shaving gel or cream, rinse, and use a great moisturizing lotion. Make sure your lotion is fragrance and color-free to replenish the irritated skin caused from the razor. Shaving can tear up our skin, irritate it, and just be a painful experience all around. Following these tips, and using a great shaving cream or gel, such as Lavender Intimate, will help you get a great smooth shave, and make your summer legs look amazing!

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