What foods are not recommended during pregnancy? pictures


Eating a good diet, as we all know, will help keep us healthy, as well as help us live longer. But when you are pregnant, watching your diet is even more important. There are even some foods that you should completely avoid during pregnancy. We will talk about some of those here. To begin with, any uncooked, rare, or undercooked seafood, beef, or poultry should be avoided. This is because these foods tend to be contaminated with coliform, toxoplasmosis, bacteria, and salmonella. Deli meats are also something that you should keep away from. These meats are often contaminated with listeria which is known to cause miscarriages. Smoked seafood can also be contaminated with listeria, as well as soft cheese, and unpasteurized milk. Fish with high levels of mercury have been linked to brain damage as well as developmental delays. Raw eggs tend to be filled with salmonella. Foods such as mayonnaise, homemade ice creams, and Hollandaise sauces are usually made with raw eggs and should also be avoided. Caffeine tends to be related to miscarriages, and should be consumed in small amounts during pregnancy. Alcohol should be completely taken out of your diet because it can interfere with the baby’s development. It is crucial to keep a good eye on what you are eating during your pregnancy so that you can have a happy and healthy baby.

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