Curiosity about hair growth pictures


Hair growth has a commonality with your toenails and fingernails. Basically, hair is a protein that is composed of a follicle a bulb and a root. Hair grows when it is pushed up through the follicle in the skin when enough cells collect to produce growth.?There are three stages to the growth of hair. The first stage is called anagen phase where the growth occurs. It has been established that most hair grows at a rate of about half an inch a month. Then the hair follicle will phase into the catagen phase.?This next phase is considered a place of transition. This is where the growth of the hair ends and a club hair is made. It is also the beginning of the third phase or Telogen or the stage where the hair is resting from the growth stage.?The current hair follicle dies and you will notice the hairs in your hairbrush are constantly falling out to be replaced by new hair growth. This occurs in the same manner as your fingernail and toenail growth.?The last stage of hair growth is called the Exogen phase and is also called shedding.?All hair growth is composed of the same method of growth, although each type of hair like eyebrows or beards will have a different length of growth time.

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