Women’s hands are more sensitive and precise according to a study at McMaster University in Hamilton. Why? pictures


Most women have much smaller hands than their male counterparts. But did you know that they are also more sensitive and precise? A study done at McMaster University found just that. During the study, researchers found that a woman’s touch receptors, which are clustered around your sweat pore bases, are packed much tighter than those in men’s hands. This makes the hands more sensitive. However, this is not always a bad thing. The benefits from this include the ability to be more precise, especially in the areas of surgery and embroidery. These smaller hands and fingers also do better in tighter places. They also found that the index finger tends to be more sensitive than the pinky, which seems odd because of the size difference. However, they think that this could be because as we use it more, the sensitivity in it grows. While many people think that small hands can be a disadvantage, in reality it is found to be more of an advantage. These smaller hands can be a huge advantage for certain areas of work, and life. Since the study, the researchers are now planning on seeing if children have more sensitive hands and fingers than adults do. We will keep an eye for that study, but this seems to be true. Maybe that is why children tend to touch everything, they are using that to learn. One doctor thinks that this difference in sensitivity could be because a woman’s skin is much softer than a man’s.

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