Why coffee and licorice stain teeth? pictures


People in today’s society love coffee, but few think about the consequences that it can have on your smile. Coffee is made from dark brown beans that can stain your teeth. Coffee consumed on a regular basis tends to coat the teeth, as well as sinks into the teeth, which creates a yellow or brown stain. This color penetrates into the miniature cracks and fissures of the teeth, creating stains. Warm coffee can create small cracks in the teeth, making the stains created even worse. Licorice can be bad for the teeth because of its high amounts of sugar. These are also bad for the teeth because of their stickiness, causing them to stick to the teeth. There is no information on why they tend to stain the teeth, but this is probably due to the chemicals in the licorice itself. We mostly see licorice stains come from black licorice. There are some ways to help get rid of these teeth stains, but many of these tend to have side effects. One of the best and safest ways is to simply brush often. Rinsing the mouth after consuming foods and drinks that can stain the teeth is another great option. There are at-home whitening options that you can use as well, such as peroxide and baking soda, strawberries, and lemon. Many of these include acid, so can break down teeth enamel. Talk to your dentist about stains and concerns that you may have about your teeth. A healthy mouth will lead to a healthier life overall.

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