Hair removal: What are the best techniques? pictures


Most of us women have hair on our bodies that we want to get rid of, be it the legs, armpits, bikini area, or even the face. This is something that women in general have been battling with for many centuries. The good news is that there are many techniques that can help you with this problem, a few which will be discussed here. The first we will talk about is laser (or pulsed light) removal. This is one of the more popular methods for hair removal, and involves using a laser or light which goes all the way through the shaft of the hair, down to the follicle, ending at the root, destroying it. Although the hair will not fall out right away, it will weaken and fall out in time. This method is best used for women with darker hair and light skin. Another great method is electrolysis, which is the only real í░permanentí▒ method. This involves using a tiny needle and sliding it down the follicle and destroying the cells that cause hair growth. This is usually used for hair on the face. Many of us have waxed various parts of the body, and know that this method can be painful and require treatment every few weeks. Lastly, we will talk about shaving. This method is temporary because it does not remove the root and does not go deep to the follicle. The downside here is that shaving areas of coarse hair can cause painful ingrown hairs, especially the bikini area. These are just a few of many options out there, and with so many, it is easy to chose the one that is right for you and your needs

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