Breathing techniques during pregnancy pictures


Being pregnant is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. However, there is always stress coming from somewhere, be it finances, hormones, and simply being fatigued. The good news is that there are deep breathing exercises that you can do at home to help. These breathing techniques will help oxygenate your internal organs, giving both mom and baby energy and strength. It also helps you to cope with the everyday stresses that we all experience. There are also slow breathing techniques that you can do at the beginning of labor to help focus the mother’s attention on the breathing. Patterned breathing is used during labor, and helps to release tension. Another technique that is used is sleep breathing, which is often used to help push the child from the womb. This type of deep breathing mimics sleep and will help mom to rest and relax. Lastly there is cleansing breathing, which is recommended to help mom prepare to push. Learning how to safely relax during both pregnancy and birth is important for not only mom, but also for baby. Getting oxygen to your baby is vital to their little growing organs. Learning some of these techniques will also help you during childbirth. Pain management during birth is vital. So enjoy your pregnancy, and have a good labor and healthy baby.

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