Can walnuts and hazelnuts protect from liver cancer? pictures


In a sense, yes. Not walnuts specifically, but the black walnut plant. Hazelnuts also help. The black walnut plant has been known to carry properties that help with digestive disorders, cleanse parasites out of the digestive tract, and can stimulate the liver. Many people even think that this plant could be used as an anticancer drug sometime in the future. Juglone, the main nutrient in black walnut plants, could create a specific reaction to cancer cells in the liver. It has been shown to reduce the size of the cell, and eventually lead to their death. Juglone has a toxic effect on the cells. The research on this is not done, but there is a correlation. Hazelnuts also can help reduce the chance of liver cancer because they are rich in arginine, which is an amino acid shown to prevent liver tumors from growing. This can be found not only in hazelnuts, but also in sunflower seeds, coconut, and chocolate. Other good things that you can do to prevent liver cancer include cooking with perilla and safflower oils. You can also use these as healthy salad dressing. These contain a high content of omega 6 fatty acids, which have also been shown to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Doing a few small things can help you to fight off liver cancer. Talk with your doctor before making any of these changes, and try to enjoy your life.

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