Why is red meat bad pictures


This is a topic this is still being debated today, but there are some general facts that we can be certain about when it comes to red meat. For starters, we know that red meat is high in saturated fat. This fat raises our cholesterol, which in turn increases our risk of heart diseases. When it comes to cancer, the answer is a little less certain. However, many studies have shown a strong link between red meats and colorectal cancer. There is also strong evidence to link red meat to lung, stomach, and pancreatic cancers. Red meat also has shown some links to chronic diseases. So what can cause red meat to lead to cancer? Well, there are a few theories. Some of these theories include: the saturated fat we talked about earlier, carcinogens that form when the meat is cooked, and heme iron, which may produce compounds that damage your cells.? Damaged cells are what cause cancer in the first place. Many people who eat a lot of red meat tend weigh more, exercise less, and have a higher chance of smoking and drinking more than others. Much of the red meat we eat has many additives in it, which can be dangerous to our health. There has also been research done to show that cutting out red meat from your diet can help you live longer. Swapping out some of the red meat weekly with things like nuts, poultry, dairy, or grains could increase your life span. Whether you choose to eat red meat or not is your choice. Be cautious on how much you eat, and know that there are possibilities of health risks if you do choose to eat red meat.

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