Can you wear makeup in the sun? pictures


Sometimes when we go in the sun, we think twice about putting on makeup for fear of it running while we sweat, or play in water. However, you do not have to have this fear. There are many types of makeup out there that not only are okay to use in the sun, but also that will help protect your skin from the sun. Many types of makeup now include SPF protection. These range from moisturizers to foundation to powders. Many times, you can find a good moisturizer that has a broad protection of sunscreen. When looking for a SPF foundation, find a rating between 8 and 15. Your powder should be compressed, and you should use a sponge to apply it. The best part of using a powder is that it helps to keep the foundation and moisturizer on all day. You can even find lipsticks and balms with SPF from 15 to 30; eye creams that contain SPF protection are also available. Remember that even though you are using SPF makeup, you should not cut out sunscreen as part of your protection routine. You can go out there and enjoy the sun while still looking amazing. And on top of that, you will be protecting your skin from the sun, and from aging. Go out there and put your best face forward in the sun.

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