Does lemon help you better absorb the iron in food? pictures


It is important to have a good amount of iron in your body. This is because iron is what takes the oxygen to your organs and muscles, and without it, you can easily become anemic. Iron is found in many foods, including red meats, poultry, dried fruits, fish, nuts, green leafy veggies, and seeds. Oftentimes, eating these iron-rich foods in combination with other foods will help you absorb the iron much easier. Beware that there also some foods out there that will hinder your iron absorption. In short, yes, lemon can help you absorb iron better. Putting a little lemon juice in your bean salad with cucumbers and tomatoes is not only delicious, but is an excellent way to get more iron in your diet. Other great foods to aid in your iron absorption include citrus fruits. Eating a good spinach salad with some mandarin oranges is great; also a nice glass of orange juice with a bowl of iron fortified cereal will make a great healthy breakfast. Vegetables such as green peppers and tomatoes will also help. Stir fry is a favorite in our house, and this combination of peppers, onions, and broccoli with steak or chicken is a great way to increase your iron intake. Spaghetti with a good tomato-based meat sauce will give you a large amount of iron absorption. So try out some of these food combinations and improve your iron intake today.

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