What could cause a heavy and long menstrual cycle? pictures


Our menstrual cycles are something that we dread every month, and those that are extra long and heavy are the worst. These are usually characterized by periods that last over a week and require you to change your pad or tampon more than once every hour or two. They usually also bring with them the worst cramps and bloating. But what causes these unusual periods? Well, there are a few things that could be the culprit. The most common culprit of a heavy cycle is simply a hormonal imbalance. This is typically seen in teen girls and those women who are close to hitting menopause. Taking birth control or hormones can help. Another cause of this heavy bleeding includes uterine fibroid tumors. These non-cancerous tumors typically show up during the thirties or forties, and tend to go away after menopause. Polyps on the cervix are also a cause of a heavy period. These small and fragile growths are usually easy to get rid of, simply requiring an office visit. Lastly, we will talk about endometrial polyps, which are also non-cancerous, and are treatable. These are often caused by an excess of estrogen, and are common after some treatments or ovarian tumors. Knowing what could be the cause of your heavy periods will help you to find a treatment. You do not have to suffer from painful, long, and heavy periods. There is help out there. Do not let your period control you.

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