How to use a pumice stone on calluses pictures


Many of us have experienced calluses on our feet. These are typically caused by having extra weight or pressure that is placed on the foot. The foot then grows more skin in these areas, making it thick. These calluses are a bother for numerous reasons: they can rub on your shoes causing pain, or they can break down and split open into sores. Sometimes a doctor will help you to cut the calluses down, but this is something that you can do at home with just the help of a pumice stone. There are a few steps that you should take when you are trying to smooth out your calluses and pamper your feet. To begin with, you need to use warm water to wet your feet, or pumice after a shower when they are still wet. Next, sit down where you can reach your foot easily and comfortably. Take the stone in one hand and gently scrape the calluses. Remember to move in one direction and put it back in the starting place every time you scrape. You should note that scraping back and forth can cause injuries or tear your skin. Rub across each callus gently three to four times. Lastly, you should use a good moisturizing lotion after you are done. Taking good care of your feet will not only make them happy, but will also make you happy. Smooth and comfortable feet help our day to be much much better. So go out there, help your feet out, and have a great day with good, strong feet.

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