What foods should you avoid if you suffer from high cholesterol? pictures


High cholesterol levels are bad because they causes problems in the heart, and can also heighten your risk for many heart diseases. Cholesterol is also know to run in families, so there are things that you can do to keep your cholesterol down. People will high cholesterol should stay at around 200 mg of cholesterol a day. If you eat 1 egg for breakfast, that egg contains 213 mg. Try fruit or a healthy whole grain cereal. Cheeseburgers are delicious, but are also so high in all the things we shouldn’t eat. For example, a Big Mac has 85 mg of cholesterol, almost half of what you should have in a day. Another all-American food is macaroni and cheese, yet this isn’t very good for you either. However, using a few substitutes can turn that around and make it a little more healthy. Ice cream is a favorite everywhere, but is another no-no for those with high cholesterol, 1 scoop having more cholesterol than 10 glazed donuts. Lastly, seafood is known to be high in cholesterol. If you do eat it, make sure it’s grilled, not fried, and keep away from the butter. Eating right will help you to live a little longer and enjoy more of your life. There are plenty of great tasting and healthy alternatives for these foods, so talk with your doctor about coming up with a tasty food plan. You don’t have to let your cholesterol control you.

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