Does playing sports and eating a healthy diet help you live longer? pictures


Many of us know that a good diet and exercise can help us live longer, healthier lives. It is also true that playing sports does the same. This is because when you play sports, you are more active. Moving with speed and purpose will help increase your heart rate, as well as improve your lung capacity. Even sports like golf are helpful because of all the walking required. The running and jumping that many sports require help us with our overall body conditioning, and any sport that requires strength training is also great. It has been shown that players also have a much easier time fighting diseases such as cardiovascular problems, as well as diabetes. There has also been a correlation between sports and lower risks of cancer. One last advantage of playing sports is the emotional benefits. We learn about teamwork, friendship, and work ethic by working together towards a common goal. These skills not only help while playing sports, but also in other areas of our lives. Eating foods like broccoli, which contains anti-carcinogens; oily fish, which help lower cholesterol and prevents strokes and blood clots; and onions which not only help protect from cancer, but also help protect you from breathing conditions such as asthma, will help you live longer. Combining a good diet with playing sports, of any sort, will improve your overall health and increase your chances of living to a great, ripe old age.

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